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The “Nostalgiebahnen in Kärnten”, a society of railway enthusiasts, was founded in 1990. With eight different themed work areas – ranging from trains over trams and busses and ending with ships – the association can now offer the most varied nostalgia experience on rail, road and water in Europe out of one hand. Please visit our web site for detailed information! Highlights are the “Rosental steam trains”, on the society-owned branch line between Weizelsdorf and Ferlach. These sevices are part of the unique “Nostalgia experience Rosental” – program. Your travel back in history starts at Weizelsdorf station. Buy your tickets at the ticket office and have a look at our steam-engine, ready to leave with the train at the platform. A whistle – and the train starts its journey through the lovely landscape of the Rosental. During the trip there is a special “foto-stop” at “Carnica”-halt. After arriving at Ferlach station approx. 45 minutes after departure from Weizelsdorf, you have the choice to board a vintage bus or tramway for the short ride to the Museum Historama (Museum for Technic and Transport) on the outskirts of Ferlach. The museum offers a wide range of Oldtimers, historic emergency- cars, tramways and even ships. Or have a look at our “household”- department to discover washing-machines from the 1930s. After the visit, our tramway or bus brings you back to Ferlach station, just in time to catch the return steam-train service to Weizelsdorf.

Our vintage trains, busses, trams and ships are at your disposal for a special, unique day out. Use one of our Oldtimers to go to church at your wedding, celebrate a family reunion on board of one of our vessels at the Wörthersee or throw a surprise-party for your friends or loved ones…. There are so many reasons to visit the “Nostalgiebahnen in Kärnten”.

For railway enthusiasts we offer special programs, trains or guided tours through our museum “HISTORAMA”. You organize a congress? Why not visit our company as a very special entertainment program? Call us or write us! We create a customized program according to your needs. For young people we offer tailor-made excursion-programs, telling the kids everything about the history and development of technic in the last 150 years. And if you are a group of pensioners – why not visiting us and telling us your own experiences with now old, but then modern objects? We love it to hear and learn from you!

Category: Cultural
Best time of the year: April – October
Duration: 2-4 hours
Number of participants: Min: 5 / Max: 340
Location: Ferlach, Austria


Nostalgiebahnen in Kärnten – Museum
für Technik und Verkehr

Leharstraße 76
Ferlach, Austria
T: +43 664 53 01 933


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