Driving heaven

Whether you’re a petrol head, a car launch organiser or simply just looking for your next incentive idea with a car, the Carinthia region in Austria is definitely worth a visit, as it offers some of the most scenic and spellbinding driving roads in the world. Driving Carinthia’s most scenic roads – Twisting bends sunk between green mountain meadows, panoramic views of the Alps, rushes of healthy mountain air and glorious roads stretched out ahead of you all make for an unforgettable experience for both motorists and cyclists alike. One of the most famous roads is the Grossglockner High Alpine Road, located at the foot of Austria’s tallest mountain, the Grossglockner. The High Alpine Road takes you to an altitude of 2,571 metres above sea level, with its end point being the Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe high above the Pasterze, the longest glacier in the Eastern Alps. It nestles up against the hills, follows the course of the natural terrain and fits around the mountains like a glove.

Category: Adrenaline
Best time of the year: Early May – Late October
Duration: 2-10 hours
Number of participants: Min: 2 / Max: 20
Location: Grossglockner, Austria


Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse
Untertauern 41
Grossglockner, Austria
E: info@grossglockner.at
W: www.grossglockner.at


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